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The BP Oil Spill Settlement: What It Means For Louisiana

Jason Saul
Brown Pelicans recovering at the Fort Jackson bird rehabilitation center in the aftermath of the BP oil spill.

The announcement of a settlement over BP oil spill claims means that billions of dollars could come to the state of Louisiana over the next decade. Much of that money will help fund restoration projects as part of the state’s coastal master plan.

WWNO’s Jesse Hardman sat down with Bethany Carl Kraft, the Director of the Gulf Restoration Program for the Ocean Conservancy to discuss the news. Kraft started by saying the amount of the settlement was a bit of a surprise.

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As the new Coastal Reporter, Jesse Hardman will draw on 15 years of worldwide experience in radio, video and print journalism. As a radio reporter he has reported for NPR, BBC, and CBC, and for such familiar programs as Marketplace, This American Life, Latino USA, and Living on Earth. He served as a daily news reporter and news magazine producer for WBEZ in Chicago.

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