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Take to the Streets!


By the time our region’s markets are ringing their closing bells this afternoon, the New Orleans Road Food Festival will be in full swing in the French Quarter.

Brainchild of culinary duo Jane and Michael Stern, this fourth gathering is important for two reasons. One, the unpretentious, real food you find whilst exploring state highways is gaining its due. And two, the event features many local food trucks. In recent years, they have become a rolling presence in our community. You see them outside night clubs and farmers markets. I cheer this taking to the streets with full gusto. When the market revival began a decade and a half ago, the idea of shopping for and eating meals on tarmac was unimaginable. Today, this activity of animating public spaces for food is rapidly becoming the norm and not the exception.

For the WWNO Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.

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