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Yes, we have no bananas


A common refrain at New Orleans farmers markets is the novelty song “Yes, We Have No Bananas.” It’s from the 1923 Broadway revue "Make It Snappy.” Though the French Market was resplendent in bananas back in the 1920s, in today's localvore markets bananas are not part of the equation. Isn’t that funny? They grow all over town.

So, I am happy to report that, thanks to farmer innovation and a modest USDA grant, new banana groves are taking root this summer. Glenn Stokes, a tropical plant guru from New Iberia, is lending his expertise. Banana varieties with names like Ice Cream and Gold Finger may soon bear fruit. While the song may still have resonance today, come autumn we may be singing a different tune.

The Great White Way Orchestra performing "Yes, We Have No Bananas"

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