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Farmers Market Minute: Turkish Advice

With cold weather approaching, are you taking care of your skin? Farmers market vendors are always talking about healthy skin. After all, they are always outdoors.

Recently, I was spellbound whilst listening to celebrated Turkish cook and Covington Farmers Market vendor Nur Pendaz. In conversation with a young mother, she described how important it is to moisturize ones face with “ghee.” I have to admit: I didn’t see this coming.

If you’re not familiar with ghee, it's clarified butter used widely in Indian and Turkish cuisine, and it also fits into Nur’s skincare philosophy: Don’t put ointments on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. And me? I can eat a lot of ghee. I have come to rely on Nur’s ghee for my kitchen.

Apparently it also belongs on the vanity stand. For WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.

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