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Stores Running Out Of Storm Supplies; Some Unconcerned About What's Coming

As officials gear up to respond to what’s expected to be Hurricane Isaac, New Orleanians went shopping for supplies. Flashlights and batteries were sold out of several stores.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Governor Bobby Jindal are telling residents to shelter at home from the storm, and have emergency supplies on hand. At one hardware store, several shoppers were left empty-handed for some goods. But Gary Hilliard was just along with a friend in need of oil for lamps in case the power goes out.

“So, you’re not concerned at all?”

“Baby, I'm 61-years-old. This happens all the time here. I mean, just like people in living in tornado alley. They know what’s coming. They don’t move. They might run but they run back. Home is home is home.”  

Storm conditions are expected to arrive tomorrow and peak in the middle of the night.

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