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New Orleans Protests Trump's Travel Ban

Eileen Fleming

New Orleans had more protests of President Trump’s executive orders. Hundreds gathered outside City Hall, angered by an order banning citizens from seven mostly Muslim nations.

Bill Quigley is a law professor at Loyola University, and also a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild.  They can be spotted wearing hats with a bright green stripe at protests, where they make sure free speech is allowed.

“Over the last week this is the third major protest in New Orleans and there’s been a couple of smaller ones, so I think we’re going to have a lot of work going forward," he said.

Quigley says challenges to the Trump administration and presidential executive orders will most likely be made in three forums.

“There’s elected officials who are going to condemn it and try and come up with alternatives," he said. "There’s lawyers who are going to go into court and try and stop it. And then there’s going to be tens and even hundreds of thousands of people who are going to take to the streets in major airports and major cities around the country.”   

Leila D’Aquin  is a longtime New Orleans resident with a theory about the city having multiple protests.

“This is unusual but I think the fact that this is specifically about immigrants and people from different cultures speaks to the heart of New Orleans," she said. "This city is what the country pretends to be. This city truly is a melting pot of cultures and has been for centuries.”  

More executive orders are expected this week from the White House. 

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