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Unusually Cold And Icy Weather Delays COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments In Louisiana

Paula Burch-Celentano
Tulane University

Like other states experiencing harsh winter weather, Louisiana is expecting delays in COVID-19 vaccine shipments.

“Delays are expected for both first and second dose deliveries,” Kevin Litten, communications strategist for the Louisiana Department of Health, confirmed via email. “Vaccines awaiting shipment in Louisiana are being held centrally; those that were in the shipment process are being held in a substation if a delivery couldn’t be made.”

On Tuesday, a CDC representative said the winter weather would likely bring with it “widespread” delays in COVID-19 vaccine shipments.

At least two shipping hubs in Memphis, Tenn., and in Louisville, Ky., have been affected by winter storms sweeping the South.

A representative for Crescent Care, a primary care provider with a COVID-19 vaccination clinic confirmed that it was expecting to receive 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine this week.

Those doses will not arrive until early next week.

Litten said “appointments will need to be readjusted to account” for delays.

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