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Tchaikovsky And Another Famous 'Fifth'

LPO Radio Hour Art

Think Beethoven wrote the only famous 5th symphony? Think again. On today's show, we hear the great fifth symphony of Tchaikovsky. A piece written after he had worried in writing whether he was "played out," luckily for us, the answer was clearly no. From the low clarinets and dark chords of the strings in the opening, to the extended horn solo of the second movement (played here by Mollie Pate), to the elegant nod to a waltz of the third movement to the blazing trumpets of the finale-- this symphony has it all. Listen in as we explore the origins of this piece and then hear it in its entirety. 


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 in E minor; Carlos Miguel Prieto, conducting 

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