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From The Frontline: Lady Walker

Lady Walker
The Historic New Orleans Collection

If you spent any time in the deserted French Quarter during the early months of the pandemic, you might’ve seen someone dressed as a possum scurrying from street to street. That was local artist and photographer Lady Walker. During the quarantine, she was forced to put her businesses on hold, and in that void, Flossin’ Possum was born. Now, she’s developed a YouTube series in which she travels around the city in her possum costume doing the floss dance. Her story comes from the Historic New Orleans Collection’s series, From The Frontline: Narratives of the COVID-19 Pandemic in New Orleans.

Sarah Holtz covers local history. Her work has also aired on Houston Public Media, Northern California Public Media, KFAI, KTOO, KUNM, WCAI, WGBH, and WWOZ.
Mark Cave is an oral historian and senior curator at the Historic New Orleans Collection.