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Amendment 6 On The 2020 Louisiana Ballot: What To Know About The Homestead Exemption

Here’s the language you’ll see on the ballot:

“Do you support an amendment to increase the maximum amount of income a person may receive and still qualify for the special assessment level for residential property receiving the homestead exemption?”

How would it work?

This amendment would expand access to the state’s Homestead Exemption, which freezes property tax rates for people 65 and older whose income is no greater than $77,030 per year. The exemption is only applied to an individual's primary residence. The homestead exemption has been in the Louisiana constitution since 1998 with an initial household income cap of $50,000. The cap has been adjusted annually to account for inflation.

If approved, this amendment would raise the income cap to $100,000. Annual inflation adjustments would resume in 2026.

Who’s for it and who’s against it?

The proposed amendment was sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Hilferty (R-Metairie), a commercial real estate agent by trade. She notes that many people are working well beyond the age of 65 and that dual incomes are increasingly common among older couples.

The Public Affairs Research Council and Council For A Better Louisiana took no position on this proposed amendment, but generally oppose adding tax breaks to the state’s already convoluted constitution.

To learn more about what's on your 2020 ballot, check out our ballot guide.

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