10th Annual Entrepreneur Week Kicks Off In New Orleans

Mar 19, 2018

Today marks the start of the 10th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, with speakers scheduled throughout the city. One expert sees New Orleans enhancing its reputation as a place embracing change.

Kevin Wilkins, founder of Trepwise, is one of more than 50 speakers lined up for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week
Credit Tripwise

Kevin Wilkins started his business consulting company, Trepwise, in 2013 after working with companies known as business incubator, like Idea Village and Propeller. Now he has a dozen staff helping advise companies large and small how to grow.

And it’s not just computer companies that want help expanding.

“Hospitality, or technology or water  or health or education or service.  You’ve got companies like Bart’s Moving, a commercial mover run by women, family-owned. You’ve got organizations like Ruby Slipper and Sucre, who are doing so great and they kind of capitalize on the food of this city and  the innovation with food, and the innovation with service. Blue Oak:  Their barbecue and how they create barbecue and deliver it," he said.

The Data Center reports that New Orleans has activity in start-ups at 64 percent above the national average.

Wilkins says name of his company, Trepwise,  is a combination of the word “Trep,” a common term for entrepreneur,  and a family name. He is scheduled to speak Friday on the importance of having a plan to keep staff motivated.  Other participating companies include GE Digital, Tesla and JP Morgan Chase.