CONTINUUM: Early Performances of Early Music

Jan 12, 2020

Continuum presents selections from recordings of early performances of early music, namely the ensemble Studio der Frühen Musik and harpsichordist Colin Tilney. Studio der Frühen Musik (an American ensemble) was the prime early group performing early music from 1960-1980 and making many LP and CD recordings. Colin Tilney is an English keyboard performer on the harpsichord and pianoforte and one of the first keyboardists to record on the harpsichord. Recordings used are: Dufay - Adieu M’Amour (Studio der Frühen Musik) - EMI Classics 724382649328, Estampie - Istampitta (Studio der Frühen Musik) - EMI Classics 724382649120, and William Byrd Harpsichord Music (Colin Tilney) - EMI Classics 724382648925.