Inside The Arts: Aurora Nealand’s KindHumanKind Concert, Williams’ Baby Doll, Bach Around The Clock

Mar 26, 2019

This week on Inside the Arts, critically acclaimed New Orleans musician Aurora Nealand teams up with Goat in the Road Productions for the world premiere of her solo album KindHumanKind, in a multi-dimensional theatrical concert experience. It's presented by the Contemporary Arts Center. Aurora Nealand and Goat in the Road productions co-director Chris Kaminstein stop by for a chat.


Then, the 33rd annual Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival gets underway in the French Quarter. One theater offering, a stage adaptation of the playwright's controversial 1956 screenplay, Baby Doll, is making a regional debut at Le Petit Theatre. Director Max Williams and actor Paul Whitty will join us.


And, it's time to Bach Around the Clock! The 29-hour music and dance marathon celebrating Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach's 334th birthday gets underway Uptown. We talk with co-founders Albinas and Manon Prizgintas.


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