Joe Biden Campaigns In New Orleans

Jul 23, 2019

Presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed a group of advocates and teenagers in Central City on Tuesday. 

Biden and his wife and daughter took a tour of the non-profit Youth Empowerment Project.

After being introduced by congressman Cedric Richmond, he gave a wide-ranging talk to a roomful of about 60 teenagers, which oscillated between inspirational and stump speech. 

Biden told the youth, “When you guys are successful I hope you’re going to come back - don’t forget why you were successful.” He told them they could have any career they wanted, but should remain compassionate to others, “One thing I’d urge you to do is try to understand the other guys’ problem, the other woman’s problem…”

The former vice president touched on policies that would provide free preschool, tax credits for childcare and more money for urban schools. He also mentioned cutting tax breaks for the wealthy and using that money to improve healthcare. 

Biden said, “The rate of women dying during pregnancy in the black community is exponentially higher than in the white community. Being able to get preventative care - there’s a whole range of things - and we can afford these things.”

The visit comes on the heels of Bidens’ release of his criminal justice reform proposals, which eliminates the death penalty and aims to reduce incarceration; and as he seeks to garner support from black voters.

The next democratic debates are July 30th and 31st.