The Listening Posts Asks: What Do You Think About New Immigration Policies?

Feb 23, 2017

The Trump administration is denying refugees and immigrants from certain Muslim-majority countries entry to the United States. Trump’s also calling for local law enforcement to help detain undocumented immigrants for deportation. Mayor Landrieu has stated the “NOPD will not be coerced into joining Trump’s deportation army.”

This month the Listening Post team asked folks around New Orleans about Mayor Landrieu’s response to the immigration policies that President Trump rolled out in his first weeks of office. 

The Listening Post's questions for February are:

 1. How do you feel about Mayor Landrieu’s response? 

2. How might Trump’s immigration policies affect you or someone you know? 

3. What about these executive orders feel different from the policies of the Obama administration? 

The Listening Post project seeks to establish a two-way conversation with the citizens of New Orleans. Participants can both contribute thoughts and commentary about important issues in their neighborhoods, and also receive news and information important to local communities.

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