Louisiana Eats: Toasting The Tricentennial - Part Deux

May 26, 2018

On this week's show, we continue our tricentennial tribute to New Orleans with a look at brand new research in the field of archeology. We speak to Jim Bruseth and Toni Turner, who reveal a surprising turn of events that preceded the city's official founding. Evidently, if the French explorer La Salle hadn't blundered in his attempt to form a colony here, we would have been celebrating our 300th birthday 30 years ago.

Excavation of LaBelle Inside the Cofferdam

We also discuss the the city's early years with a team of archeologists who unearthed artifacts for The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Then, we celebrate a culinary grande dame, Arnaud's Restaurant, which is commemorating 100 years of fine dining in New Orleans. The Casbarian family shares some memories as they usher the restaurant into its second century.

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