Loyola Law Students Offering Tax Help

Apr 8, 2015

Federal taxes are due next week. Loyola University law students are helping people make that filing deadline.

The Volunteer Tax Assistance Program is open to low- and moderate-income residents at no charge. It’s part of an IRS program that began in the late 1980s. There have been sessions offered to New Orleans residents over the past several weeks to prepare returns.

The final session is Thursday.

Andrew Piacun is the program coordinator.

He says the law students qualify through an IRS training program before they can help clients prepared their returns.

“They’re going to get a professional environment." he said. "They’re going to get a professional experience. And I personally try to make people laugh before they leave.”   

He says they will start at noon tomorrow at the Loyola law school and will continue until all the returns are completed for a wide range of clients.

“People who work in construction, some police officers, teachers, students, people who work in hospitality industry," he said. "We have some actors and actresses that pop up, musicians and so on. Pretty much a cross-section of the community of New Orleans.”   

Piacun says the program is open to people who make no more than $53,000 a year per household. They must bring all their tax documents along with a photo ID and Social Security card. He expects the program to help about 700 people file their returns this year.