The NPR Couple Is Back! Tune In All Week, Monday Thru Friday, On Morning Edition

May 15, 2015

You heard them meet and fall in love leading up to Prairie Home Companion’s visit in 2013.  They are back!

Tune in all week and follow the couple as they explore just what it is that makes baby Veronica happy. Their new addition is the topic all week long during Morning Edition. Will baby Veronica ever meet her idol? Find out the answer to that question on Friday!


This is an improv series from improvisers and actors Cecile Monteyne and Chris Kaminstein. You can catch machine A improvising on stage Sunday, May 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Old Marquer theater. 

For your chance to win an HD Radio, Email and take your best guess as to IF baby Veronica will meet her idol and if so WHERE? Tune in at 7:30 a.m. during Morning Edition on Friday to get the answer to this question.

About machine A

machine A, when acting smashes itself right into the side of improv

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We want to make improv that stays with you.


machine A is what happens when acting meets improv, when time meets fast forward, when characters meet given circumstances. machine A is what happens when the train starts to wobble off the rails, when a couple becomes two singles, when your one great moment happens without you realizing it. machine A is what happens when routine meets road-block, time meets cliff edge, baby meets grandpa-baby, crush meets expectation, end meets beginning. machine A is what happens.

From New Orleans improvisers and actors Cecile Monteyne and Chris Kaminstein comes a form that happens.

General Information

Based in New Orleans at The New Movement theater, machine A is the creation of performers Cecile Monteyne and Chris Kaminstein. During the course of their fully improvised show, the pair follow two characters over time to create a sort-of one act play or film. machine A performs regularly at The New Movement, and also tours.