Out To Lunch: Words & Music

Oct 27, 2016

You might have noticed in some grocery stores or coffee shops that when you go to check out there are a handful of CDs for sale. That impulse purchase spot is one of the few places you can buy CDs these days, now that most of us buy or steal music online.

That might just seem like inevitable technological evolution to you. But what happens when the world changes and you own a record label?

Dan Storper is the founder of Putumayo World Music, a phenomenally successful specialty label that has sold over 30 million CDs.

Selling books is equally as challenging as selling records. Book stores have closed and publishers have struggled to find their feet selling eBooks.

Scott Campbell is a veteran publishing executive and founder of his own relatively new publishing house, River Road Press.

Dan Storper and Scott Campbell join Out to Lunch's Peter Ricchiuti for an insightful lunch conversation about how you make a living selling words and music in the 21st century.