The Work of Art: Theatre Without a Theater

Sep 27, 2019

New Orleans Public Radio begins a new series today entitled “The Work of Art.” Support for this series is provided by the Helis Foundation.

A play, a concert and even a simple painting on the wall, all require the contributions of many people, some with very unique and individual perspectives on their “work of art.” How does an artist’s work get to its audience - who are the contributors, why do they prefer the shadows, and what makes art work?

We start today with live theater - an art form that has been around for centuries. Traditionally, theatrical presentations are held with the audience in one of three configurations: proscenium, - facing a box at the end of a room, arena - surrounding the show on all four sides, or thrust, three sides surrounding the playing area. Karl Lengel spoke with A.J. Allegra, a founder and Artistic Director of the NOLA Project - a theater company without a traditional theatre and known for making unusual spaces part of the show.

Support for "The Work of Art" is provided by the Helis Foundation.