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Cody D. Short

Producer on the Road to Rickwood Podcast

Cody D. Short is a producer on the Road to Rickwood podcast. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from Tuskegee University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Upon graduation, she moved to Austin, Texas to start a career in software sales. However, she left Texas in 2018 to pursue her dream of working in the media as a journalist.

Since then, Cody has built a resume of producing, writing, and content creation. Over the years Cody has worked for Bham Now, Summit Media, ABC 33/40, and WBHM. She's currently a culture reporter for and is pursuing a graduate degree in communications from Syracuse University. She has a knack for smart story telling, commentary, and podcasting.

Cody loves telling stories about her city, so she was ecstatic for the opportunity to tell the story of Rickwood Field, although she knew nothing about baseball coming in. But in working on this project, she’s learned so much about the legacy of the Negro Leagues and how much Alabama has contributed to American baseball history.