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Jonah Buchanan

Producer on the Road to Rickwood Podcast

Jonah Buchanan is a producer on the Road to Rickwood podcast. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and received a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California, Berkeley. His undergraduate thesis, which studied an alternative Olympic event ultimately abandoned due to the Spanish Civil War, inspired a lasting interest in the intersection of sports and social movements.

As a writer, producer, and editor, Jonah has held roles in the creation of a variety of programs ranging from television, podcast, and live show productions. With groups like Men in Blazers, The HISTORY Channel and Major League Soccer, Jonah has produced numerous historical, narrative and topical series. A strong writer and skilled researcher, Jonah has a passion for finding ways to connect stories in the sports world with the contexts that created them.

In addition to baseball, Jonah is an avid fan of soccer, cycling, and badminton. Now based in Brooklyn, New York, Jonah spends his spare time tinkering with broken cameras and watching movies. He is a fan of Arsenal Football Club and the San Diego Padres, both of whom have a shot next season.