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WWNO World Cup Postcard #2: Río Mar

Jesse Hardman

The second audio postcard from our local World Cup 2014 coverage comes from the Warehouse District's Río Mar restaurant, via Argentina.

Casa Argentina is a New Orleans based organization that brings people together to celebrate all things Argentina. 

Argentina 2 - Bosnia Herzogovina 1
A group of around 40 members of the local Casa Argentina organization gathered at Río Mar in the Warehouse district to cheer on Argentina. Waiting for them at the restaurant was a special menu with all their favorite foods, including Chorizo, Empanadas, and even their national Quilmes Beer. 

Credit Jesse Hardman
Juan Gershanik celebrates a big World Cup win by his native Argentinian national team.

  Juan Gershanik is an Uptown based doctor, originally from a small town in Argentina. He was surrounded by his kids and grandkids, all of them decked out in the baby blue of Argentina for the big game. Gershanik says around 100 families with ties to his homeland live in New Orleans, and a few times a year the Casa Argentina crowd puts on asados(traditional barbecues) and even a tango show.

As the new Coastal Reporter, Jesse Hardman will draw on 15 years of worldwide experience in radio, video and print journalism. As a radio reporter he has reported for NPR, BBC, and CBC, and for such familiar programs as Marketplace, This American Life, Latino USA, and Living on Earth. He served as a daily news reporter and news magazine producer for WBEZ in Chicago.