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All Things New Orleans: Flooded Farms, Disaster Lawyer, Schools Reunify And Some Sweet Tea

Eve Troeh
Volunteers at the River Center Shelter in Baton Rouge. The shelter's closing is one step away from emergency response toward long-term flood recovery.

This week on All Things New Orleans, we get into Cajun country rice fields with Tegan Wendland, for an update on ruined crops after the 2016 Louisiana floods. Public policy lawyer Jeffrey Thomas has made disaster a bigger part of his work after the levee failures of Katrina. He talks about the road ahead for long-term recovery and using federal funds to help flooded communities.

Plus, Education reporter Mallory Falk gets details on the reunification plan that will make New Orleans the first city to have a central school board overseeing dozens of independent charters. And from Georgia Public Broadcasting, producer Sean Powers gives us a history of a Southern staple: sweet tea.