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American Routes Shortcuts: Charles Neville

Charles Neville
Charles Neville

This is American Routes for Halloween, All Saints, All Souls days from the Christian and pre-Christian Celtic calendars of saints and spirits, and now the African diaspora to the Caribbean and Gulf South, first with a late beloved Neville Brother of blessed memory.

Charles Neville: This is Charles Neville of the New Orleans Neville Brothers. Of course everything has a yin and a yang, a light and a dark side, and yeah I’ve heard of people who did practice what was considered dark voodoo or black magic, and you know there were always people that you could go to who said, “Well you know if this person did you wrong, I can make it so that something will happen.” Or there were things that you could do. I remember there were certain kinds of candles and you know if you needed money you burned the green candle or the gold candle, and if you wanted to send out some kind of negative energy you burned the black candle. If you take a hundred dollar bill, write the person’s name on it nine times and tie it to the black candle with a strand of their hair, when the candle burned down and burned the money, that would be the offering to the spirits, and they would take care of whatever it was you wanted done. I never did it, I just heard those stories.

“Voodoo” Neville Brothers
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