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Delta Blues

Louisiana faces the highest rates of sea level rise in the world. As policy and funding debates rage over how to best restore and protect our coastal communities, local leaders also look for allies elsewhere. On the other side of the globe, they've found sympathetic ears in Vietnam. 

That nation also has a below-sea-level city at the mouthof a great river. The 8 million residents of Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, live along the Mekong River, as we do the Mississippi. The delta beyond that city, like ours, is sinking, and saltwater from the nearby sea threatens to eat away at the coastline.   

"Delta Blues: Water and Climate Change from the Mississippi to the Mekong” examines shared flooding and saltwater intrusion issues facing two great river deltas, the Mississippi and the Mekong, and the conversation developing between them to address those challenges.

WWNO’s Eve Troeh and Jesse Hardman traveled to Vietnam to explore the connection between the two regions, and to report on how both are planning for and living with climate change day by day.

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