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Louisiana Considered: December Supreme Court Hearing Could Lead To 15-Week Abortion Ban In Louisiana, Dr. Chelsea Gallo Will Lead Two New Orleans Orchestras, Rural Communities Struggle To Recover From Ida

Rosemary Westwood
New Orleans' last abortion clinic, Women's Health Care Center, pictured on Oct. 30, 2018.
  • WWNO/WRKF Public Health Reporter Rosemary Westwood reports on an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court hearing in December which could overturn or negate the abortion rights ruling of Roe v. Wade. The case will decide if Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a 2018 Mississippi case which effectively bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy with no exceptions in cases of rape or incest, is constitutional. Under current Supreme Court precedent, the right to have an abortion is generally considered to be guaranteed until about 24 weeks of pregancy. If the Supreme Court upholds the lower court’s ruling, then a similar 15-week abortion ban will take effect in Louisiana.
  • Renowned orchestra conductor Dr. Chelsea Gallo joins us to discuss her upcoming move to New Orleans, where she will serve as assistant conductor for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor for the Loyola Symphony Orchestra. Gallo will also host the LPO Radio Hour on WWNO. Gallo leaves her role as staff conductor for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to work for a unique partnership between the professional and academic orchestras.
  • In a story first aired Saturday during NPR’s Weekend Edition, correspondent Frank Morris interviews residents of Larose in Lafourche Parish about their options for rebuilding their homes, if they choose to rebuild at all, in the wake of Hurricane Ida.
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