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Music Inside Out: The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour
The Children's Hour

In case you’re wondering — yes, this is a Best of Music Inside Out program. But the topic is universal. The songs we hear as children — even the ones we don’t like — help shape our feelings about the music we love as adults.

Nearly all of the guests who’ve appeared on Music Inside Out have talked about the songs they heard growing up. And those early songs and artists are partially responsible for the unique and varied musical landscape of Louisiana. What goes into little ears often helps build music careers. And, for that, we are grateful.

So next time Irma Thomas comes on the radio, thank Roy Rogers, or B.B. King. And when you hear Jon Cleary play New Orleans piano, you might want to remember The Stranglers or Burning Spear. But when you hear Allen Toussaint — thank everybody. He’s heard ‘em all.

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Gwen Thompkins is a New Orleans native, NPR veteran and host of WWNO's Music Inside Out, where she brings to bear the knowledge and experience she amassed as senior editor of Weekend Edition, an East Africa correspondent, the holder of Nieman and Watson Fellowships, and as a longtime student of music from around the world.