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Out To Lunch: The Kids Today

Grant Morris
It's New Orleans
Cam Marston, Lola Lass and Peter Ricchiuti.


Cam Marston is an authority on the relationships between generations and on how Boomers, Gen X-ers and Milllenials co-exist in the workplace. Cam consults on his Generational Insights with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies and is a sought after lecture circuit speaker.

Lola Lass's company, Adeeta Corporate Staffing, marries New Orleans employers with employees. Lola's real-world insights on the relationships between NOLA Boomer bosses, Gen X-er managers and Millenial employees is fascinating.

Peter Ricchiuti is the finance professor you wish you had back in college! His insight and humor have twice made him the top professor at Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business. After a successful career on Wall Street, Ricchiuti served for five years as Assistant State Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer for the State of Louisiana. There he skillfully managed the State's $3 billion investment portfolio.