cauliflower rice

Rice is one of Louisiana's signature agricultural products. But it’s more than just the base for gumbos and étouffées - it’s an economic driver across the state. So lawmakers in Louisiana recently passed a bill aimed at protecting the industry by defining what is rice and what isn't. 

The Louisiana House passed legislation Monday restricting what they call deceptive labeling of food products like cauliflower rice. Supporters say the move will protect Louisiana's agriculture industry, one of the largest industries in the state. 

Laine Kaplan-Levenson / WWNO

Lawmakers in the state of Louisiana are debating when food products can be called “rice.” The labeling question comes as newer products—think cauliflower “rice”—are competing for consumer dollars. But is that product, made from small pieces of cauliflower, really entitled to call itself “rice”? In states where traditional rice is a major agricultural crop, some say no.