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A photo from a 2017 LDEQ report showing an unsecured asbestos containment area at Lafayette Academy Charter School.
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated to include a statement from the Orleans Parish School Board that they were not aware of the March 2017 report from LDEQ, and were not in control of the school or its building at that time.

New Orleans charter school Lafayette Academy has been forced to close its campus after contamination from an asbestos removal job. School district officials have said children weren’t on campus during the work. But state records show this isn’t the first time asbestos removal has been mishandled at Lafayette Academy.

Lafayette Academy parent Tuere Jones expressed frustration with the school's handling of the asbestos problem.
Jess Clark / WWNO - New Orleans Public Radio

New Orleans charter school Lafayette Academy is scrambling to find accommodations for next school year after a state inspection revealed the building and yard may be contaminated with asbestos.