Louisiana Department of Corrections

Has Louisiana Cracked The Code to Treating Hepatitis C?

Nov 14, 2019
State of Louisiana Division of Administration

Louisiana isn't usually considered a trailblazer when it comes to public health policy, but the state's novel plan to treat and cure the vast majority of Hepatitis C cases through an innovative payment structure is being closely watched by other states and health officials around the world.

Courtesy of The First 72+

The First 72+ seeks to stop the cycle of incarceration by fostering independence and self-sustainability.


Imagine you've just spent years, maybe decades, incarcerated. You’ve paid your debt to society, and upon release, you're given a bus ticket and $10. But, that’s not $10 cash. It’s a $10 check that you can’t immediately cash because more than likely you don’t have a social security card, a state ID, a bank account, transportation, or family to help you out.