Thinking Outside The Book

This week on 'Thinking Outside the Book', Susan Larson talks with Sonnet Ireland of the St. Tammany Parish Library about the larger role played by librarians, in lives of everyday people in need of technical assistance.

This week on Thinking Outside the Book: Conservation librarian Sabrena Johnson and conservation specialist Sara White take us into the lab at the Tulane University libraries off-site storage facility and talk about their work.

This week on Thinking Outside the Book: Book conservators Sabrena Johnson and Sara White take us on a tour of the off-site facility for Tulane libraries, where overflow from the stacks is awaiting reader requests and books, papers, and posters stay very cool in the summer heat and books go to be repaired and restored.

This week on Thinking Outside the Book: Donna Harrington-Lueker, author of "Books for Idle Hours: Nineteenth-Century Publishign and the Rise of Summer Reading," talks about the beginning of summer reading and our love for beach books.

Thinking Outside the Book with Ed Volker

Jul 30, 2019

This week, Thinking Outside the Book visits musician Ed Volker to learn how books inspire his music and writing. He's a Renaissance reader! 

This week on Thinking Outside the Book: We travel to the basement and carriage house of Latter Library to talk with Dixon Stetler, executive director of Friends of the New Orleans Public Library.