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90.5 KTLN Is Back On The Air!

Listeners in the Thibodaux-Houma area can find KTLN back on the air at 90.5 FM, after WWNO chief engineer Robert Carroll identified the failed transmitter components, drove for replacements, and installed the new parts Monday night.

The weekend's thunderstorms were the most likely cause of the damage. Ordinarily, transmission interruption would trigger a remote sensor to alert staff about the problem. In this case, however, transmission was not fully interrupted — only enough that listeners like Laura Coogan could not receive KTLN's signal. Ms Coogan notified WWNO that KTLN was off the air, and we're grateful for her message!

Later this week Robert will install permanent replacement components, at which time there will be another service interruption of about fifteen minutes.

As Development and Marketing Manager, Ron Biava oversees membership and other fundraising activities as well as events, communications, and promotion—with a lot of help from other staff members and volunteers! Ron came to WWNO in fall 2009 after years of fundraising at Tulane University, several colleges of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford in England, the Audubon Society of Portland, Oregon, and the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. (The renovated Alvar Street Branch Library is one of his favorite accomplishments.)

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