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NPR Presents Michel Martin: Chartered Waters — SOLD OUT


NPR host Michel Martin will host a conversation in New Orleans around the evolution of the city's education system since Hurricane Katrina. In collaboration with New Orleans radio station WWNO and the NPR Ed team, NPR Presents: Michel Martin 'Chartered Waters'will be at George and Joyce Wein Jazz and Heritage Center on April 21st at 7:00 PM (CDT). A live stream of the event will be available at and Martin will incorporate online remarks tagged with #NOLAschools into the evening's conversations. Tickets are available here.

During 'Chartered Waters', Martin will engage a variety of guests in an exploration of New Orleans' charter school system, including close observers of New Orleans schools, education journalists, school leaders and a parent advocate, along with teachers, parents and students. This event, and the online and broadcast stories leading up to it, will bring together ongoing reporting on the city's schools by NPR's Education team and by WWNO's journalists.

"We hope this will be a place for people to come together in a manner that often is not possible, a chance to meet, to pause, take a breath and understand in a real way, a holistic way, how New Orleans is educating its kids right now," says Martin. "What's working? What's not? What have we lost? What have we gained? What can we teach the rest of the country—and ourselves—about what education in New Orleans is all about, right now? This is not a candidate forum. This is not a constitutional convention or just a place to rehash the same arguments from a decade ago."

The first panel of guests will examine the education landscape in New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina and how other schools across America are learning from the city's experiences. Joining Martin for this conversation are education journalist and author Sarah Carr; Aesha Rasheed, founder of the New Orleans Parents' Guide to Public Schools; and Douglas Harris of Tulane University and the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans.

The second panel will address challenges facing New Orleans schools and meaningful ways to move forward. Martin will be joined by Homer Plessy Community School principal Joan Reilly; Louisiana Recovery School District (RSD) superintendent Patrick Dobard; United Teachers of New Orleans president Larry Carter; and parent and community activist Karran Harper Royal.

Martin will also speak with students from Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, a non-profit group that works to grow organizing and leadership skills through participatory education and action research.

Through live events and online conversations, NPR Presents Michel Martinconnects people with different perspectives and histories in civil discourse to share ideas, hopes, frustrations and solutions. The public can take part in these conversations by following @NPRMichel on Twitter and on Facebook

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