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WWNO to Join New Local News Partnership


The value of WWNO’s news reporting is gaining fresh recognition from local and national media.  We are excited to announce that WWNO will collaborate with Reveal, the multi-media news program of the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), and two other local news organizations to expand investigative journalism in New Orleans.  Joining the partnership will be WVUE Fox 8 News and Times-Picayune. 

New Orleans is the second of four cities in which CIR will support collaborative reporting among local radio, TV, print, and digital news media.  A collaboration in San Jose, California, has been selected as well; two more remain to be announced.

Reveal is heard weekly on 89.9 FM, Thursdays, 8:00pm.  WWNO’s most recent work with Reveal aired in January, 2018, in “The Tide is High,” a program that examined the effects of catastrophic weather and rising seas on coastal Louisiana, Houston, and Puerto Rico.  In this episode, WWNO’s Tegan Wendland reported on the projected need to move 2400 coastal Louisianans farther inland.

Paul Maassen, WWNO General Manager said, “In an era of great change in the media landscape, it’s so important that local news organizations work together to keep the public informed about key local issues. Investigative journalism is a core mission of a free press, and  we are proud that Reveal has selected New Orleans Public Radio for this collaboration.”

“We have our Interim News Director, Tegan Wendland, to thank for this recognition,” he continued. “She did great work with Reveal earlier this year, and she continued to make the case to CIR that New Orleans merits support to encourage more collaborative investigative journalism.”

Through its local partnerships, CIR aims to encourage and expand local investigative journalism through training and other support.  The news stories that result from the local partnerships will be reported locally by each partner organization—radio, TV, print, and digital--as well as nationally via Reveal.

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