Changes to NPR's "Morning Edition"

Aug 12, 2018
Csaba Fekete / Flickr/Creative Commons

Starting on Monday, August 13, you may notice some changes to NPR's "Morning Edition." Specifically, the clock is changing.

You may be wondering, "What is the clock?" Well, it's the way the Morning Edition is structured - a template for on-air programming - and it allows member stations the opportunity to program local content - like news, traffic, weather, and underwriting.

Stephen Voss / NPR

On this week's edition of All Things New Orleans, we'll chat with NPR's Robert Siegel, co-host of All Things Considered just ahead of his last day on air. Then, Jessica Rosgaard and The Advocate's Stephanie Grace discuss some unresolved issues in the state and in New Orleans as we move into the new year. 

And later, Dr. Eric Griggs joins us to discuss a couple of health concerns in the city. 

Monika Evstatieva / NPR

This week on All Things New Orleans, NPR Special Correspondent/Host Melissa Block visits New Orleans and the WWNO radio team. 

Block shares her journey working with NPR, recollects coverage of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina and more. 

Doby Photography / NPR

Take a listen to a special anniversary message from All Things Considered host Robert Siegel.