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Electric car company Tesla Motors expanding number of charging stations in Louisiana

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors, the luxury electric car company founded by technology mogul Elon Musk, has opened a new Supercharger station in Lake Charles.

Superchargers are what the company calls its proprietary charging stations. The company says the new location in Lake Charles will enable drivers of its Model S vehicles to replenish a half charge in 20 minutes.

That half charge will enable a Model S driver to travel about 150 miles. A fully-charged Model S has a range of about 265 miles, the company says.

Supercharger stations are free for Tesla drivers.

Tesla currently has two Supercharger stations in Houston, and a smaller two-car charger at a Best Western in La Place. The company says it is planning to open another Supercharger station in Baton Rouge in the coming months, and a full service center in New Orleans soon after.

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