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The Green Minute: Make Food, Not Lawns


It’s getting harder to know exactly what’s in the food we buy. Many people are tired of grocery store ambiguities and are starting to grow their own food. But what if you are a city dweller or live in a subdivision? How can you start your own one-person gardening revolution? 

Enter urban farming connoisseurs Food Not Lawns. They have the radical idea that we start using that green space that’s right in front of our homes for more than just a well manicured lawn. Or maybe you live in a city with a few empty lots (…New Orleans). Gather your neighbors to dig in and make a communal space out of that blighted property.

Imagine a plot brimming with fruit trees, herbs and root vegetables that creates sustainability, regains control over food supply, and subsequently transforms neighborhoods into a community. It’s a concept that’s taking root all across the US, and chapters are being formed every day. For more information on the urban farmers movement, visit

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