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After Delay, OneApp Results Are Released

Families have received public school assignments for the coming school year. The OneApp team sent out school placements late Thursday afternoon. That's a week later than they were supposed to come out - a delay that caused families stress.

Chantal Reinlieb applied to all kinds of schools for her five-year-old son. Public schools that are part of OneApp, public schools that use their own application, even a private school, as a backup - though she anguished over the $1000 deposit and decided not to move forward with that.

She says the process has been overwhelming, but “I tried really hard not to get stressed ‘cause I’ve seen a lot of my friends, it really get the best of them. And for most of this process I was pretty calm.”

That is, until last week. OneApp results were supposed to come out last Friday - at the latest. Instead, families got a last-minute email saying the results were delayed. An influx of new preschool applications was apparently holding things up. 

That put Reinlieb in a tough spot. Her son was accepted to a charter school - one that isn’t part of OneApp. And that school wanted an answer by last week. She didn't want to decide until the One App results came out.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” she says. “I just was extremely disappointed.”

Reinlieb went ahead and committed to the charter school. But now she's found out her son got into Bricolage Academy, through OneApp. Lots of other families have faced deadlines from private schools to pay deposits. They've been waiting on OneApp too. Reinlieb says the delay and frustration shows the need for coordination.

“It should all be one application that all comes out at the same time,” she says. “The private schools should have to be at the same time. So that no one’s feeling pressure. You know. ‘Cause it’s your child’s education.”

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