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Folsom Butterflies


Some farmers market shoppers plan their visits like sorties, executed with military precision to purchase a set menu of products. Others head to market to learn.

Over the past decade and a half, thousands of market shoppers have learned how to grow butterfly and hummingbird gardens from Folsom’s Mizell family. School trips invariably bend Jim Mizell’s ear to learn about the size of plants and colors needed to attract our fluttering friends.

This weekend, if you’re up for a quick trip to the country, now is a great time to visit the Mizell Farms in Folsom for their annual Butterfly and Hummingbird Festival. There are a ton of activities at the festival, for all ages — everything from seminars and slide shows to hummingbird banding. You can also meet author Dr. Gary Noel Ross, and learn how to redesign your yard to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

For WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.

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