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If you’re storm damaged like me, you get drawn into every radio interview you hear about Hurricane Sandy: The disbelief, the frustration, and the delays. In every instance, I think to myself: “This sounds oh, so familiar.”

Also familiar is what I’m hearing from farmers market organizers in New York. Fishing families were hammered hard; farmers less so. It has also been gratifying to learn that some of Manhattan’s hard edges are softening. Trauma is heeding to people’s need for gentleness.

In response, greenmarket organizers have been serving up hot food. Free samples in New York City! These are unusual times. Thank heavens market organizers recognized their role to deliver a little TLC to storm-weary shoppers. I think back to the tears and hugs at my first market after the 2005 hurricane season here in New Orleans.

Talk about an early Thanksgiving.

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