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Question Of Clout Triggers Spiritied Exchange In Final Senate Race Debate

The three main candidates for US Senate squared off in the final debate before the November 4 election. A spirited exchange was triggered over the question of clout.

Moderator WVUE anchor John Snell questioned the importance of political seniority in Washington, something he noted has drawn Republican support to Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu. Her campaign highlights her endorsement from shipbuilder Boysie Bollinger.

Tea Party candidate Rob Maness responded:

“Of course Boysie Bollinger’s going to love her, because she appropriates things like six Coast Guard cutters when the Coast Guard only asked for two. That’s billions of dollars into his pocket and a very small group of people. Well those dollars should be being spread around the state of Louisiana through competition and free markets because that’s what government is about. It’s setting the climate for businesses to succeed in the free market in a well-regulated free market. That’s the way…"

(Landrieu steps in to exchange)... "Colonel. Now I have to respond. Now he has gone a little too far. Let me talk about the Coast Guard for a minute. The Coast Guard is one of the post popular federal agencies in the country. The Coast Guard showed up when our people were 14 feet under water, Colonel. And I support the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard needs those boats. They need to interdict drugs coming in across our border. If you want to secure the border you should support the Coast Guard.”   

Landrieu also sparred with Republican Bill Cassidy over his decision to participate in only two debates. He said he wanted to meet more voters personally than attend debates.

If one candidate fails to win a majority next week, a runoff will be held December 6.

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