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Say Hello To Life Raft, A New Podcast Exploring Everyday Questions About Living With Climate Change

Hosted by Lauren Malara and Travis Lux, Life Raft explores your questions about living with climate change.
Laura Sanders
Hosted by Lauren Malara and Travis Lux, Life Raft explores your questions about living with climate change.

If you’re like us, climate change leaves you with a lot of questions, and they’re not about the rate of ocean warming — they’re about practical things that affect our everyday lives. So, for us and for you, we created a podcast about it.

It’s called Life Raft. It’s a production of WWNO, WRKF and PRX and we’re super excited to share it with you.

Each episode explores a different question about climate change in South Louisiana, submitted by a real person.

“Is it ever going to be too hot to live here?”

“Have I had my last good oyster?”

To answer them, hosts Lauren Malara and Travis Lux talk to scientists, oyster shuckers, tree planters, and all kinds of people who are asking big questions and working on solutions. And it’s not all doom and gloom. Lauren and Travis are going to inject a little levity into these heavy conversations.

In other words: climate change is scary, but Life Raft is not.

Let’s see if we can answer some preliminary questions right now...

You, a smart and inquisitive person: What can I expect from the first season?

The first season will be about 10 episodes. Current episodes we’re working on will tackle seafood, extreme heat, flooding, hurricanes, recycling and many other topics.

Who are these hosts?

Travis Lux is a coastal reporter for New Orleans Public Radio and has been reporting on climate and environment issues in Louisiana since 2017. Lauren Malara is a comedian, teacher, and New Orleans native, and has been cracking jokes since 1986.

Sounds like you’re not taking climate change very seriously.

On the contrary! We think climate change is a critically important issue that deserves everyone’s attention, especially here in Louisiana, which is at the forefront of many of the global changes already underway.

It’s just that so much of the news coverage around climate change has an underlying tone of doom and gloom. Our reporting is still serious, we just think the conversation could benefit from a little bit more New Orleans, a city of people skilled at finding joy around any corner — even in the face of tragedy.

How can I listen?

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts. That means Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast — you name it. The trailer is out now and offers a short preview of the first season.

How often do episodes come out?

Episodes come out every two weeks.

OK, I have bigger questions now. How can I submit them to Life Raft?

Two ways! Submit a question using the form on our website. Or you can email us directly: climate@wwno.org.

As Coastal Reporter, Travis Lux covers flood protection, coastal restoration, infrastructure, the energy and seafood industries, and the environment. In this role he's reported on everything from pipeline protests in the Atchafalaya swamp, to how shrimpers cope with low prices. He had a big hand in producing the series, New Orleans: Ready Or Not?, which examined how prepared New Orleans is for a future with more extreme weather. In 2017, Travis co-produced two episodes of TriPod: New Orleans at 300 examining New Orleans' historic efforts at flood protection. One episode, NOLA vs Nature: The Other Biggest Flood in New Orleans History, was recognized with awards from the Public Radio News Directors and the New Orleans Press Club. His stories often find a wider audience on national programs, too, like NPR's Morning Edition, WBUR's Here and Now, and WHYY's The Pulse.