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Louisiana Eats: An Artistic Feast

Jonathan Evans

Food is an inspirational muse for artists of all disciplines. On this week's show, we explore the
many intersections of food and art from the visual to the written word. We begin with muralist Zac Maras who recently turned the exterior of Toups Meatery on North Carrollton in New Orleans into a riotous celebration of Louisiana foods. The story behind the mural is the subject of a new
documentary by filmmakers Jonathan Evans and Marian Gay.  Video of the mural being made can be seen on the Louisiana Eats youtube channel here:  Mural

Click Here To Listen To This Week's Show:  https://omny.fm/shows/its-new-orleans-louisiana-eats/an-artistic-feast

Next, there's a TV soap opera star in the house! Christian Le Blanc of "The Young and the Restless" discusses his life as a visual artist and how oysters have recently inspired an entire catalog of new work.

Then, legendary Louisiana storyteller Glen Pitre joins us. He reveals the role that food plays in his new historical novel, "Advice for the Wicked."

Finally, New Orleans metal artist Thomas Mann, known for his "Techo-Romantic" jewelry objects, explains how he has turned favorite Louisiana foods like gumbo, shrimp, and oysters into highly sought after pieces of personal adornment.

For more of all things Louisiana Eats, be sure to visit us at PoppyTooker.com.