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Louisiana Eats: The Ice Cream Underground

Sam Caruso of Laozi Ice Cream
Sam Caruso of Laozi Ice Cream

On this week's show, we take a journey into the Ice Cream Underground to uncover the magicians taking America's favorite dessert to new heights right here in Louisiana. We begin with Sam Caruso, who has overcome a host of challenges to find a sweet opportunity with Laozi Ice Cream.

Then, we meet Rahm Haus Ice Cream's Jillian Duran, who draws on her fine pastry-making skills to create batches of ice cream that push the limits of what’s possible.

FInally, we satiate our sweet tooth with a visit to downtown Covington where we sample a flight of flavors from Hoodoo Ice Cream with co-owners Billy Sussky and George Schenck.

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Poppy is the host and executive producer of the weekly show, Louisiana Eats! Food personality, culinary teacher and author, Poppy Tooker is passionate about food and the people who bring it to the table.