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After reading Southerly and WWNO/WRKF’s recent investigation, Louisiana native David LaCerte says the issue is “something that all of our leaders should be concerned with.”

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Gov. John Bel Edwards has set a goal for Louisiana to be carbon neutral by 2050, but so far, the state is behind its neighbors. Now, Edwards wants to develop offshore wind power in the Gulf.

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A coalition of conservation groups on Friday announced the formation of the Atchafalaya Basin Coalition and sent a letter to Gov. John Bel Edwards imploring him to consider the Louisiana Nature Conservancy as a landowner, rather than a conservation group, when choosing members of a newly-formed task force.

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The Trump Administration has rolled back a rule that restricts methane emissions from oil and gas refineries.

Photo courtesy of Blue Ocean Mariculture via NOAA.

Huge floating fish farms in the Gulf of Mexico? Plans were in the works, until this week.