Italian Food

The Feast Of The Seven Fishes Returns To The Ace Hotel

Dec 6, 2019
NolaVie / Wikimedia Commons

As is the case with most holidays, New Orleans has numerous Christmas traditions that set our city apart from others. The Feast of the Seven Fishes is one of them. Josephine Estelle, the restaurant at the Ace Hotel, will be hosting this traditional Italian American dinner next Tuesday, December 10th. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman invited Chef Chris Borges into the studio to learn more about the Feast.

Muffuletta Fest

Conversations about New Orleans sandwiches usually center around the po-boy, even though New Orleans is also the birthplace of another classic sandwich, the muffuletta. These days, we even have a festival dedicated to the muffuletta, which returns for its second year this Sunday. 

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