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Tell Us Why You Love WWNO!

We love you, too.
We love you, too.

I Love WWNO!

Once Upon a Time there was a listener (you) who lovingly and regularly tuned into their dearest public radio station (us), and it was an immediate “happily ever after” situation from then onward.

This Valentine’s Day, New Orleans Public Radio is launching its first ever “I Love WWNO” campaign to help raise awareness about the importance of public radio, and to promote the value it has in our community.

To do so we need you – yes, you! We’re compiling proclamations of affection, appreciation, and all manner of WWNO-love from our loyal listeners and supporters.

Independent media is more important than ever. Public radio has one stakeholder: YOU! Participating in this campaign is a great way to support the station. Getting involved is a breeze: just fill out the form below, and we will use your quotes in our online graphic campaign. The next phase will be recording testimonials, so please be on the lookout for how to call in or how to schedule a time to record with us.

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