Ian McNulty

Before the pandemic, visitors flocked to Willie Mae’s to try this Treme restaurant’s famous fried chicken. It seemed like there was always a line for tables.

Since Willie Mae’s reopened in the pandemic, locals long acquainted with that chicken can usually walk right in and sit down.

There’s a mix of gratitude for the local support here, and anxiety for when more business might return. That about sums up where many restaurants stand right now.

Ian McNulty

It was just another Halloween display at small house on a Mid-City side street, but it stopped me in my tracks. There were foam headstones, standard issue Halloween décor, except these were customized with the names of restaurants and bars we have recently lost

Here at Louisiana Eats, we love a good ghost story. And in the ten years we’ve been on the air, we’ve heard some really spooky ones! This week, we bring you some of our favorites from the past decade. We begin with Chef Greg Picolo, whom we spoke with for our very first Halloween show back in 2010 and then again in 2019. It seems like no matter where Greg goes, paranormal activity keeps following him!

Ian McNulty

Lately, my drink of choice has not been about on what's in the cup so much as where I get it.

I’ve been visiting bars around New Orleans, which would not normally qualify as noteworthy but these days we’re taking nothing for granted.

I Remember Paris

Oct 20, 2020

None of us have been able to travel much this year, so to satisfy some wanderlust, we're traveling back in time this week on a magical trip Louisiana Eats took to France in the summer of 2015.